Cyber Risk Quantified

RiskQuant is solely focused on quantitatively measuring cyber risk, uncertainty and potential loss.

What We Do

If your reputation, and the reputation of your business, is important to you then you need to make, and be seen to make measurably better cybersecurity risk management decisions before it is too late.

RiskQuant focuses on using data-modelling, statistical analysis and machine-learning to measure your cybersecurity risk and uncertainty thus helping you make better informed decisions and choices. Our analysis and support gives you greater confidence about what may happen in your cybersecurity future, and provides you with valuable, actionable insight now.

And you can never have too much insight, right? The more you can see now, the better the decisions you can make - and you never want to be in the dark, do you? You need to see what lies ahead, preferably before others do, to avoid unacceptable losses. RiskQuant gives you that advantage.

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Model design & management

Stochastic models to test cybersecurity decision problems under multiple sets of conditions and specifications..

Simulation planning & execution

Cybersecurity simulation through the development and analysis of mathematical simulation using stochastic modelling..

Quantitative decision support

Proven statistical analysis with verification and validation for confidence in simulation accuracy and subsequent decision making.